The Lowdown on Student Loans + Notes on OSAP

Note: Much of the information below can be found on the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario websites respectively. The information has been condensed (although some of it is word for word) for readability and efficiency. The first section is for all Canadian students. The second section is only applicable to students in […]

Part 3: Finding Scholarships

Postsecondary education can be expensive. Tuition for undergraduate programs for Canadian fulltime students was, on average, $6,571 in 2017 / 2018. And if you choose to live in residence, the cost of going to university or college rises substantially. For example, if you live in residence at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo campus), it will cost $4,941–$7,955 depending on the […]

Part 2: Finding Scholarships

Today we are still on the hunt for scholarships! In Part 1: Finding Scholarships we listed general locations where you may be able to find scholarships: employers, unions, civic organizations, service leagues, banks, credit unions, and even online. This week we are going to help you look in more specific terms that fit you as […]

Part 1: Finding Scholarships

  First, a note to my subscribers: Last week you received an email with an attachment. The email gave you two options: To download the attachment or read in browser. That was an error on my part: there should only be one option and that is to download the attachment! The attachment is for subscribers (YOU) […]

10 Scholarships Myths: BUSTED!

Let’s face it! Postsecondary education can be expensive, so pursuing all forms of financial aid is a good idea. Scholarships may be one of those potential sources for YOU! However, there are many myths surrounding scholarships that may deter you from searching, and applying, for them — let’s bust those myths once and for all! […]