Explore Opportunities to Enhance Your Application

It is now May. Spring is here and graduation is just around the corner. However, graduating students: Don’t stop looking for scholarships yet! There are scholarships with deadlines in the months of May and June. And for those of you heading into Grade 12 in the fall, you may be thinking of starting your own […]

All-in-One Scholarship Search

Did you know there are websites which list several scholarships all in one place? Yes, there are sites that maintain an extensive list of scholarships. Do you have a disability? Are you an athlete? There are websites dedicated to listing scholarships which may be pertinent to you! There are also sites with listings devoted to […]

Education News: The Ontario Student Grant

The Ontario Budget was announced last week, and it contained some great news for students! University and college tuition will soon be free for students from low-income families (family income $50,000 or less) and more affordable for those from middle-class homes. Students will now receive their (non-repayable) grant money all at once, upfront, and before the […]

Scholarship Programs: Does Your Employer Have One?

Did you know that the workplace can be a great place to look for scholarships? Many large companies and corporations believe in investing in education and one of the ways they do so is by sponsoring scholarships. Full time employees Many employers (banks, retail chain stores, oil companies, etc.) offer scholarships to their employees and […]

Mission Vision Values: Tweaking Your Scholarship Application

Every scholarship application is unique. An application may require essays, responses to essay questions, a list of your community and school activities, a list to detail your employment history, and the “list” goes on. Many scholarship applications do require an essay, and you may have heard that one essay can be used for multiple scholarships, […]

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