March Break Open House! Are You Going?

open house 1

March Break is coming up soon (March 13-17)! While it is a good time for some much-needed relaxation, did you know that March Break is when many universities (and a few colleges) have Open House Days? (Link to a list of March Break Open Houses here.).

There are several reasons you should consider attending an Open House, including the chance to talk directly with a representative from the Student Awards / Financial Aid office!

Here is what you can expect if you attend an Open House. A day on campus may include:

• academic information sessions
• faculty presentations
• tours of the campus, residences, and sports facilities
• information session on the admissions process
• information session on services available to students, such as health and wellness services, academic support, food services, etc.
• chatting with current students, staff and faculty who are in the programs to which you’ve applied
finding out about financial aid including scholarships and bursaries!

As well, there are usually giveaways and a chance to enter contests. Some universities (i.e., Algoma University and Trent University) even have a draw for first-year free tuition!

Going to an Open House is a good time to ask questions you may have.

When it comes to financial aid, these are some of the questions you may want to ask:

• Is financial aid available at your school?
• Where can I find out about scholarships and bursaries?
• Do I need to apply for them, or are they automatic?
• How do I find out about part-time jobs on campus?

If you are unable to attend an Open House, consider booking a tour of the campus at another time. There are universities and colleges that offer virtual (online) tours as well.

For a printable list of, and links to, March Break Open Houses at Ontario Universities and Colleges, see here.

*Note: If attending an Open House, be sure to check for registration deadlines.