Open House! — And 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

In the fall many universities and colleges hold Open House Days, Preview Days, or Campus Tour Days — while the names of the events may vary, the purpose is the same: to highlight their campus! (If you would like the Fall 2017 ONTARIO University Open House Schedule, enter your email address in the top right […]

How to Help Your Child Pay for Postsecondary Education: First Year Debt-Free

As the parent of two children in university, the recent release of Statistics Canada’s newest figures on tuition fees is of interest to me. The average tuition fees for fulltime students in undergraduate programs in Canada is $6,373 with the lowest tuition fees in Newfoundland and Labrador ($2,759) and the highest in Ontario ($8,114). Tuition […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking about the Costs of Postsecondary Education

Hi everyone! It’s the beginning of the school year! Students in Grade 12 will be thinking about their plans after graduation, and many of those plans will include postsecondary education. So parents, it’s imperative to start thinking about the costs involved in higher education if you haven’t already been planning for it (no RESPs?), or […]

Explore Opportunities to Enhance Your Application

It is now May. Spring is here and graduation is just around the corner. However, graduating students: Don’t stop looking for scholarships yet! There are scholarships with deadlines in the months of May and June. And for those of you heading into Grade 12 in the fall, you may be thinking of starting your own […]

All-in-One Scholarship Search

Did you know there are websites which list several scholarships all in one place? Yes, there are sites that maintain an extensive list of scholarships. Do you have a disability? Are you an athlete? There are websites dedicated to listing scholarships which may be pertinent to you! There are also sites with listings devoted to […]