Part 2: Finding Scholarships

Today we are still on the hunt for scholarships! In Part 1: Finding Scholarships we listed general locations where you may be able to find scholarships: employers, unions, civic organizations, service leagues, banks, credit unions, and even online. This week we are going to help you look in more specific terms that fit you as an individual and which will help you narrow your search.

Here are 5 other areas to consider in your search for scholarships:

Professional associations: What program do you plan to enroll in after high school? Thinking about a career in retail, marketing, or fashion? The Retail Council of Canada offers twenty scholarships to aid students pursuing studies in any program that has ties to the retail industry. Pursuing a career in the auto industry? The Automotive Industries Association of Canada offers scholarships and grants too. Scope out scholarships in your field of study.

Clubs and interests: Are you a member in any clubs that may offer scholarships or bursaries? How about ringette — Ringette Canada offers scholarships! Do you volunteer with St. John Ambulance? They have a National Bursary Program to support students as they pursue their education! Are you interested in military history? The Canadian War Museum provides monetary awards to graduating high school students. You name it — there is most likely a scholarship in one of your areas of interest!

Ethnicity: Many ethnic organizations offer financial assistance to those who share the same background. There are scholarships for Portuguese students, Sikh students, and Muslim students, just to name a few. Many companies offer scholarships if you are of Aboriginal heritage. Take a look at your family background and do some searching.

Specific to you: There are awards geared specifically to female students, students with disabilities, and students who identify as LGBTQ. There are scholarships for students who are involved in leadership, volunteerism, and sports. Students who have experienced obstacles and yet persevered can find awards. Financial hardship is a main consideration for other awards. And well, of course, there are always scholarships for those who demonstrate academic excellence (in other words, amazing grades!). Consider your circumstances and your uniqueness. There could be a scholarship out there with your name on it!

Provincial: The Ontario government provides financial assistance for students in “special circumstances” in the form of grants or bursaries to help pay for postsecondary education. It offers assistance to Indigenous students, current and former Crown wards, first-generation students, students with disabilities, students who are deaf or hard of hearing, and students on social assistance. Check out government aid in the province where YOU reside.

Tip: When you are looking for financial aid, don’t forget to check not only for scholarships or bursaries, but to check for financial aid using other terms as well: award, competition, contest, etc. Many prizes are monetary, and can be used for your education!

Get your thinking cap on and don’t forget to check out The Scholarship Report (if your school subscribes to it!).