That Time of Year — Open Houses & Fall Previews

November is a big month for Open Houses at universities (although some are held as early as September and as late as December). Some universities set aside two days for an Open House but generally, universities schedule one day where prospective students can explore the campus.


So why should you (if you can) attend a university’s Open House / Fall Preview Day? (For the link to the Ontario Universities, and Ontario Colleges, Open House Schedules in November, scroll to bottom of page.).

Here are 5 reasons:

#1. To get a “feel” for the campus. What looks good on paper may end up not being a “good fit” for you! This is no small thing! The environment you hope to spend the next few years of your life in matters – a lot! For example, my youngest daughter had listed a particular university in her Top 3. However, when she visited it, she found it “cold” and uninviting. She ended up going to a smaller university (which wasn’t even in the Top 3 initially) because when she visited it, she knew almost instantly that this university was the place for her!

#2. To have an opportunity to ask questions. Yes, you can call or email the university to have your questions answered, but most of us aren’t going to do that. At an Open House, you can ask questions of Faculty, Staff and students.

#3. To learn more about a specific program of interest and courses offered.

#4. To have an in-depth look at the campus: tour classrooms, residences, recreational facilities, etc. Generally, these tours are student-led which gives you an opportunity to hear from someone who has “walked in your shoes.”

#5. To attend information sessions and presentations held on many pertinent topics: student services, university life, career and co-op education, work-study programs, admission requirements, academics, residence, financial aid, etc.

BONUS reason: To find out SPECIFICALLY about entrance scholarships, bursaries, and awards!

Pre-Register to attend an Open House and plan your day to get the most out of it!

For a printable list of (and links to) Ontario University Open Houses and Fall Previews in November, click here!

For a printable list of (and links to) Ontario College Open Houses in November, click here!

Note: If an Open House is not listed, it may have been held in September or October. Or it may be upcoming in December. You can always contact the university directly and book a campus tour. Some universities have ongoing campus tours. And remember, if you miss the scheduled day of the Fall Open House, most universities hold Campus Days in the spring!