The Scholarship Report

The Scholarship Report is a bi-monthly digital information resource for high school guidance counsellors and students. It features current national and provincial scholarship listings as well as helpful tips in the search for all forms of postsecondary funding. Information on University/College Open Houses, application deadlines and fees, the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and other material pertinent to the graduating high school student is also provided. The Scholarship Report also includes listings of other types of awards as well as programs and activities that will enhance students’ skills as well as their scholarship applications!

It is difficult and time-consuming to wade through the myriad of scholarships on the large databases.There are books on scholarships; unfortunately, much of the information is outdated by the time it is printed. The Scholarship Report does the searching for you! It is sent to your email on a bi-monthly basis with direct links to the scholarship providers.

The Scholarship Report is a valuable tool that supports individual pathways planning by ensuring that all students are provided with the necessary knowledge required for effective financial planning in order to reach their post-secondary education goals, whether those goals involve skilled trades, technical programs, college, or university.

High schools from over 35 boards across Ontario have subscribed! Private schools have subscribed as well!

For inquiries into the cost of a subscription to The Scholarship Report, please contact us using the contact form.


The Scholarship Report is a comprehensive guide outlining all of the necessary scholarship details. This report has proven to be extremely beneficial for our graduating students and has saved countless hours searching for available scholarship information.” 
Liz Rivet, Student Services: Guidance Dept Head
District School Board Ontario North East

“This is an amazing publication!
D. Stanesic, Curriculum Chair of Guidance and Cooperative Education
Durham Catholic District School Board

“This information is great!”
S. Pietrobon-Flynn, Guidance Counsellor
Halton Catholic District School Board

The Scholarship Report gives students access to a well-compiled list of scholarships and opportunities.  It allows the school to give the tools to our students and makes sure that everyone has equal access to the resources.  We have had several students find scholarship opportunities that they would never have known about without the report.”  
J. Petrossi Currie, Head of Student Services
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

“I have emailed the Feb / Mar issue of The Scholarship Report to my Grade 12 students and they were quite thrilled. They are all looking forward to the May / June edition.”
K. Marks, Guidance Counsellor
Northeastern Catholic District School Board

“It’s an amazing resource!”
J. McCallum, Guidance Services Assistant
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

The Scholarship Report is an outstanding addition to our scholarship resources for graduating students.  It is a ‘one-stop shop’ for students to gain valuable knowledge and skills surrounding how to approach the sometimes overwhelming task of researching and applying for scholarships.  The variety of scholarships available is vast and the advice is solid.  We consider this a must-have resource for our senior students.” 
K. Burns, Guidance Counsellor
Peel District School Board

“It is a very useful resource and you save me a lot of work. It is an excellent ready-to-use resource that also saves students time with all the various scholarship resources out there.”
G. Carrega, Head of Guidance / Student Services
Peel District School Board

“This valuable resource helps our students look beyond local scholarship opportunities and provides the information they need to apply for regional, provincial, national and international scholarships.  It is a great addition to our scholarship program!”
J.Starratt, Teacher / Guidance Counselor
Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board 

The Scholarship Report will do the scholarship digging for you! You will have one-stop shopping for a list of all current scholarships plus get lots of tips to help you through the whole scholarship process. This is a truly valuable resource for parents, students, and guidance counselors alike!”
A. St. Jean, Guidance Counsellor
Upper Grand District School Board

An excellent resource that serves as a one-stop shop for students (and counsellors) wading into the world of scholarships, grants and bursaries.”
S. Trowell, Head of Guidance
Upper Grand District School Board

The Scholarship Report is an amazing resource that every parent and student should take advantage of. It’s a one stop shop for everything Scholarship related.” 
G. McGill, Subject Head of Guidance and Career Education
York Region District School Board

“It is great to have a monthly resource that filters through the sometimes-overwhelming number of scholarship opportunities available to students. Being able to quickly read about current scholarship opportunities provides an important resource for our students as they prepare for their postsecondary destinations.”
C. Malone, Head of Guidance
Wellington Catholic District School Board


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