Hi there! My name is Glenda Healy.Canadian Scholarships Funding College & University And you may be wondering why I created this blog. I have two teenagers and both are in university. And because I have read and heard many times that there are millions in Canadian scholarship dollars going unclaimed (while at the same time wondering if this was really true), I began to search far and wide on the internet landscape for these unclaimed scholarships.

What I noticed is that it is not an easy task to sort through the various ads and links and find a scholarship suited to your child.  Hmmm, maybe THIS is why scholarships are not being snatched up—they are so hard to find! As a way to categorize and organize various scholarships and information pertaining to funding our children’s education, I decided to create a blog. And if this information is helpful to you as well, great!—I am happy to share it!

Over the course of the school year, I will be posting info on scholarships, and links to articles and information that are pertinent to your almost-college-age child.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by filling out the contact form here.

Here’s hoping “our” search is successful!

Glenda Healy, B.A., B.Ed., is a researcher and educator. Glenda has taught ESL and English to Senior students, editing hundreds of English essays, including those for scholarship applications! Prior to this, she has had the pleasure to collaborate with various non-profit organizations, serving in both staff and volunteer leadership roles in local and international groups, for over fifteen years. Glenda is passionate about enhancing the well-being and potential of individuals, giving them a chance to live the life they were meant to live.